Tim Storer Independent Senator for SA
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Australian Republic

I am a passionate advocate of Australia becoming a republic and have been for over a quarter of a century.

A home-grown Australian Head of State is essential in a nation which defines itself as self-determining. It is the logical next step for us to take as a proud and independent nation.

It is ironic and telling that to serve in the Australian Parliament you cannot hold British citizenship, but you must be British to be our Head of State.

Our Head of State should be a proud and patriotic Australian who embodies the values of our country and its people.

I also believe it to be an important step towards realising more holistic reconciliation with our first nations’ people.  

During my time in the Senate, I have taken opportunities to speak on this issue and make the case for undertaking this long overdue reform.

It is time for us to finally fly the coop as a nation and stand proudly on our own two feet with an Australian Head of State.

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