Tim Storer Independent Senator for SA
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Parliamentary Transparency Charter

Public confidence in our federal politics has rarely been lower. We need a step change in the way politics is done in this country, and improving the transparency of government is a critical first step in achieving this.

With scandal after scandal involving corruption, misuse of public funds, political donations, unregulated lobbyists, and attacks on whistle-blowers, it’s no wonder people are fed up.

I felt the time was ripe for action on this issue. I introduced my Parliamentary Transparency Charter which includes a suite of reforms for greater transparency and accountability in our political system.

Three of the reforms seek to improve transparency. The Charter requires weekly disclosure of political donations over $1,000, improves the freedom of information arrangements and requires lobbyists to disclose who they meet with on a monthly basis.

Four of the reforms seek to improve accountability. Requiring the establishment of a national anti-corruption commission with broad powers, enhanced whistleblower protections, rules for parliamentary conduct and a regulator to oversee these rules, known as the Parliamentary Integrity Commissioner.

17 crossbench parliamentarians signed onto the Charter while both the major parties decided not to.

I have also taken the opportunity in Budget Estimates to push Ministers to disclose a list of the (in-house and third party) lobbyists and interested parties they’ve met with since the beginning of the year so as to provide more transparency.   

Actions so far 

Introduced the Parliamentary Transparency Charter 

Introducing the charter in the Senate 


Media Coverage 

Major parties will pay at election for ignoring voters on corruption 

Parliamentary Transparency Charter will 'restore belief in our democracy' Storer says

Click here for my list of lobbyist and interested parties.



Senate Estimates